Good Hand Washing

I work in the medical field.  I get work emails and see posted signs all day long telling me that it is necessary to wash my hands for 15-20 seconds for them to be clean of dirt and germs.  Doctors say that good hand washing is the #1 method to prevent colds and viruses.

Working with patients as part of my daily grind,  affords me the opportunity to actually wash my hands multiple times within an hour period.  Not only that, but I have a toddler at home who is deep in the throws of potty training.  So…I wash my hands all day at work.  I wash my hands all evening at home.  I wash my hands whenever my kid goes to the bathroom.  (Any mom can tell you that this alone is an astronomical number) I wash my hands whenever I go to the bathroom.  (Sadly, this amount may be comparable to the kid!!)  I wash my hands before every meal.  I wash my hands before I prepare those meals.  Needless to say, the point of stating all this is to impress the point that I do a great deal of hand-washing.  And I am strict about washing them for 20 seconds each time.  (Call me an overachiever if you must)  So can someone please explain to me why I am sitting here with a steaming mug of hot tea after taking cold and sinus medicine, trying to breath with my mouth open since my sinuses are stuffed while failing in my attempt to ignore the pain of my aching and sore throat?!

I am truly baffled how I always become one of the millions of persons who catch a cold.  And I get about three every winter starting around September.  (Although there are still 2 months or more before the first snowfall) Not to mention I get slammed with the infamous summer cold which is still an oxy-moron in my mind!!

It truly amazes me that a person who adheres to the laws of medical science still suffers from the consequence of a person who does not.  Are the doctors lying?  Are they in cahoots with soap companies in a major governmental money scam to force us all to buy more soap and gel hand sanitizer?  Because I am living proof that this hand washing theory may not be real!

With that said, please excuse me while I blow my nose and ask my hygiene deficient husband–who rinses his hands in water for 1.9 seconds yet never gets sick–to check the medicine cabinet for Vick’s vapor rub.