The Joys of Teen Angst?

If you asked me if I would like to go back to being a teenager to experience that phase of life all over again, I would hesitate slightly before saying no.  The hesitation would be because of the health and energy I enjoyed as a teenager.  But the firm “no” would be because of the emotional ball of drama that I displayed.  The upset, tears and hormonal imbalance of being a teen is overwhelming!  (And I dread being a sad, unwilling participant when my kid goes through it)  The complete horror of not having the right shoe to set off an outfit; or a hair coming out of place if the outfit was just right.  The complete devastation if your friend didn’t call you after school — although you just spent the entire day together.  The utter dismay of everything involving the person that you were crushing on.  As a teen, anything could have been the cause of serious emotional upheaval.  And who needs that?

But then again, if you try to take a counter view of it—when have you ever felt as passionate about anything? Why don’t we carry that same fervor for things ever again?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel for our current mate as we felt for that crush we had as a teen?  That every conscience moment was consumed with thoughts of them.  That you honestly felt that you would fade into nothing if you didn’t talk to them multiple times a day.  Remember how your entire body would respond to just feeling the heat of their bare arm next to you at the lunch table? No, not touching you—just next to you! Can you imagine the change in the state of marriages today if we all still had that kind of ardor?

What if our friendships were nurtured as well as they were when we were teens? Minus the immaturity, of course.  I can’t handle all that female backstabbing again.  But if we called our friends on the regular, talked about all of our hopes and dreams like we used to—lay bare all of our thoughts and fears—can you imagine the strong bonds we would have?   I wouldn’t want to feel that total devastation if a friend doesn’t text me back in a timely manner, but no longer holding back our innermost thoughts and being open books to our closest companion(s) would be amazing.

I don’t think I would have the energy to be as emotional about my hair and clothes as I was back then, but I guess having a stronger interest in those areas would be nice!

Overall, I guess my point is that I wish I could copy some of those intense feelings I had as a teen.  To dream big.  To love harder.  To experience happy emotions with my entire being.  Take away the disquiet of the teen experience and you have a raw passion that is unfortunately lost as an adult.


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